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Shoulder Mounts

We see some of these mounts with great muscle detail. At Red Dune we understand deepening the muscles on the mannakin, help create good defenition on the mount and it makes the mount seem more life like. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the mount. The shave of he mounts are very thin and there is almost no shrikage of the skin.

The upright mount features an animal that is, unsurprisingly, standing tall and alert. It is one of the most impressive and imposing looking mounts. You as our customer wants this mount to suite your aquired taste.

The semi-upright mount is less dramatic and rigid than the full upright mount, as the neck is lowered slightly. It offers a more natural look for a relaxed, dominant mount, especially if the head is turned one way or another. Rotating one ear forward and one backward can also be a nice detail for a relaxed look.

Full Mounts

Hunters have very definite ideas when they bring an animal in on how it should look. There are lots of little details that you might not have thought of yet. As the professional we guide our customers on how to choose a taxidermy mount and what would look best. We make the mount as realistic as possible. As you know, different forms will make a mount look very unique. Each one has their own emotion and presence.

Here are a few suggestions we have to clarify with you our customer before hand:
  • Where will it be in your home or shop? This will usually determine which direction they should face, which mount position would be the best, etc. It’s obviously important to consider the horn clearance for specific type of mounts.
  • Is there a certain feature on one side of the animal that you the customer would like to showcase? For example, if one horn has a neat fork or drop line, it should be on the outward-facing side (if the head is turned) to highlight it.
  • What kind of emotion do you want your mount to convey? By adjusting the ear direction, eye lids, and even the lips, you can make an animal look very relaxed and majestic or like he’s ready to brawl with a competitor.
  • We also make artificial rocks, bases, pedestals and shields, to suit your needs.

Pedestal Mounts

There are two different types of pedestal mounts that make great whitetail shoulder mounts. The floor pedestal mount brings it down to your level to save wall space and is very realistic looking, especially if you add other natural touches (e.g, trees, rocks, etc.). The wall pedestal mounts show the animals front shoulder as if they are standing more or less broadside, which is a refreshing option to add to any trophy room.

Skull / European Mounts

Some trophies just don’t deserve a trip to the taxidermist for a shoulder mount, yet they don’t deserve to be tacked to the tool shed, either. European skull mounts are the answer, and it’s critical to produce a classy mount for all our clients. European skull mounts take time to complete, but you will be pleased with the outcome when your animal is on the wall.

Tanning of all Skins

All our skins are hand shaven to decrease damage to the skins and to produce excellent quality. You can rest assured that the skins you deliver to us are the ones you receive back. After the animal is skinned, fat is methodically scraped off the underside of the hide. The underside of the hide is then rubbed in to help it dry faster. The animal is then stuffed and sewn up. Our tanners are trained in the latest techniques and chemical compositions.
We create a whitening agent that will do wonders to the skull, we thoroughly dry the skull after wards to give it a clean appearance.

Dipping, Packaging and Exporting

Dipping, this is a veterinary regulated process to ensure that there is no transfer of bacteria or other microscopic organisms that would be harmful if transported to another country. For export from South Africa to the EU, USA and most other countries, we are required to perform a dipping process on raw material.
"Dipping", encompasses several steps in which the skulls are boiled, dried and "dipped" in a solution to kill all bacteria.  The hides are also "dipped" in a solution and then salted for a long period of time to kill any bacteria.
After the skulls, hides, etc. have been "dipped", they will then be "packed".  This basically means they are wrapped in bubble wrap, put in thick plastic and then crated up for shipment to the final destination. The trophies are carefully packed in specially designed crates to minimize the size and cost to you. After crating we contact our shipping company, who collect the crate from our shop and make all of the necessary arrangements for transport to its destination.
You will be notified when the shipment leaves our studios and will be provided with the contact at Badger Cargo to make arrangements for payment and choice of shipping method. We are authorized to perform all of the necessary treatments to safely ship green trophies to any destination.