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Why should I use a taxidermist in Africa As opposed to one in my own country?

Experience has proven that dipping, packing, and mounting trophies overseas works out more expensive to the client.

Also, in the event of a ruined skin the African taxidermist has many options available to rectify the problem. Lastly and most importantly the African taxidermist grew up with all game species in Africa and their knowledge of African game is superior. Greater attention to detail can therefore be given.

How can I Avoid losing my trophies when leaving South Africa?

Please ensure booking your hunt with a reputable outfitter, a professional hunter or a Safari Company. Lost trophies are only one of many pitfalls of inexperience outfitters, professional hunters, and Safari Companies.

What may seem like a bargain hunt may end up costing you everything the hunt was worth and more.

Will the taxidermist be able to do various poses on my mounts?

Red Dune Taxidermy has a full range of options and the client has a variety of choices.

How can I ensure proper field preparation of my trophies?

Booking a hunt with a reputable professional hunter, outfitter or Safari Company should insure skilled staff who will take good care of your trophies.

I shot a beautiful Kudu trophy but shot the cape to pieces, can Red Dune Taxidermy fix this?

We are able to correct some serious errors, such as wound and skinning mistakes. Red Dune Taxidermy has a full range of good quality capes and can, by instruction of the client, replace an otherwise totally lost trophy.

I have heard that African Taxidermists use inferior chemicals and processes. Is that true?

There is no truth to that statement. Red Dune Taxidermy produces quality mounts that will maintain their original beauty for more than a lifetime.

How are trophies prepared for shipment?

Crates are built to minimize size and cost. Crating is done on site.

How much will it cost to ship my trophies?

Cost will depend on the volume and weight of the crate. Badger Cargo will supply a shipping quote.

How do I get my trophies to my house and what is a clearing agent?

The import broker is a company that specializes in the receiving of shipments from foreign countries. They, together with the SCS will keep the client up to date regarding all movements and can arrange for residential delivery.

What form of payment does Red Dune Taxidermy accept?

Red Dune accepts cash and money wire transfers. This has proven to be the safest way of payment.

Do you have references to confirm your quality and services?

Red Dune Taxidermy has a full range of satisfied clients that can be contacted to confirm quality timelines and professionalism.

How long will it take it finish my trophies?

Your trophies will be completed in 6 to 8 months, depending on timely payment by clients.

Will my trophies be safe by sea freight?

Yes, all trophies are crated and seated in containers. The entire container is shipped to the destination. This ensures minimum chance at loss or damage.